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A New Madrid business has been awarded a worldwide, exclusive license to use materials that create greenhouse gases and transform such gases into clean chemicals and distillates. Upcycled New Madrid, LLC, formerly called CST New Madrid, LLC, is slated to begin construction of the initial facility in mid-2024.

The technology, developed by Mississippi State University’s Dave C. Swalm School of Engineering researchers under the direction of Mark White, Ch.E., Ph.D., director emeritus of the school, has a very broad application to materials conversion and will allow Upcycled New Madrid to turn greenhouse gases into liquid fuels.

“Upcycled’s goal is to solve the environment’s third largest contributor of greenhouse gases by using that very material as its feedstock,” stated Upcycled’s owner and CEO Michael Harrelson. “Then, to further impact the environment, we will use that feedstock to create products that are not fossil-based. The process is clean and green and will make the community of New Madrid one of the world’s leaders in green technology.”

“Upcycled will create a negative carbon intensity score while also creating a circular economy. As just one of many examples, Upcycled’s technology will enable us to create a biogenic alternative to plastic. This alternative can be upcycled repeatedly in lieu of filling up landfills where they will cluter our earth for thousands of years.”

After 13 years of research and development that included extensive laboratory testing, process optimizations and chemical manufacturing from pilot manufacturing facilities, Upcycled found its home in New Madrid, Missouri. “I’m so excited to have found New Madrid as the location for our first facility,” said Harrelson.

“This is such an amazing opportunity for New Madrid,” said COO Richard McGill. “This will have a significant impact on this great community, but it’s also an incredible move for Southeast Missouri and, really, all of Missouri. Upcycled will create hundreds of jobs, and we plan to pay more than any local employer. These are meaningful and sustainable jobs that will be here for generations and generations.”

Not only was New Madrid chosen by Upcycled because of the site’s access to the Mississippi River, Interstate 55 and rail access on the property, it was chosen because of the local and state leadership support, low cost of living, and its available, hard-working labor force.

“We are so thankful for the leaders at the City of New Madrid, the County of New Madrid, Missouri Partnership and the State of Missouri that understood and supported our vision. The support of these stakeholders is unprecedented and will lead to even more success.”

Upcycled’s technology will replace the outdated Fischer-Tropsch process used in other plants around the world. This new technology will be more efficient, faster and more economical, leading to greater success.

About Upcycled New Madrid

Upcycled New Madrid, LLC is the premier subsidiary of Upcycled Waste, LLC. Upcycled Waste, LLC is the successor to Circular SynTech, LLC as the new owner and holder of the exclusive license to this revolutionary technology in the same field of use.

For more information, please contact Michael Harrelson at michael.harrelson@upcycledwastellc.com or at 573-326-3400.

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