Revolutionizing Resource Recovery

Advancing Sustainable Solutions in Material Science

The Science Behind Upcycled

Dive into the scientific breakthroughs at Upcycled. Our pioneering OneStep™ Converter technology is at the core of our process, setting new benchmarks in syngas conversion and product creation efficiency. Discover how we're redefining the industry standards, standards in specific product variability while drastically reducing less profitable "products" that take up valuable syngas production, added operational cost and forced tertiary reactions.

Our Sustainable Solutions

Explore the diverse range of sustainable products generated by Upcycled. We’re not just recycling; we’re upcycling, turning waste into a spectrum of high-value products that pave the way for a cleaner future.

Bio/non-fossil-based BTX Chemicals

Bio/non-fossil-based Distillates

Sustainable Products & Landfill Avoidance

Sustainable Inputs

The Foundation of Our Process

We use the third largest source of GHGs in the world (biogenic landfill waste) as the feedstock for our products—disabling up to 50 years of CO2e emissions with each day's feedstock we accept.

  • Municipal solid waste
  • Construction and demolition debris 
  • Rail ties and other creosote/treated wood 
  • Waste tires 
  • Fossil-based plastic 
  • and more
Transformative Outputs

Quality Non-fossil-based Products

Witness the impactful outputs of our innovative process. Our diverse range of products not only represents a leap in sustainable practices but also meets the dynamic needs of various industries.

  • Bio and sustainable chemicals 
  • Bio and sustainable plastics 
  • Bio and sustainable fuels 
  • and more

The world needs a movement. Upcycled is the answer.

of plastic is made from fossil fuel and needs to be Upcycled - Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)
of transportation fuels in the world are fossil-based and need to be Upcycled

Join the Upcycled revolution, where sustainability meets profitability.