Transforming Waste into Worth

Our Solutions

Innovative Solutions Across Industries

At Upcycled, we are dedicated to providing a suite of solutions that redefine resource utilization across various industries. Our innovative processes convert waste into a range of sustainable products, from bio and non-fossil-based BTX chemicals to eco-friendly plastics and fuels. These offerings are not only pivotal for environmental sustainability but also serve as key components in the global supply chain, addressing the needs of diverse sectors including manufacturing, energy, and consumer goods.

Renewable BTX

Bio/non-fossil-based BTX Chemicals

Our proprietary technology unlocks the potential to create green BTX chemicals. Imagine a product with the versatility of plastic but derived from bio-based sources. Our bio-para-X exemplifies this, performing identically to traditional plastics while being inherently biogenic, ensuring it can be Upcycled repeatedly, diminishing the necessity for fossil fuels in plastic production.

Benefits Across Industries

From packaging to automotive parts, our green BTX chemicals are poised to transform the materials landscape, offering a sustainable alternative without compromising on quality or functionality.

Sustainable Plastics

Bio/non-fossil-based Distillates

We produce sustainable plastics that confer substantial carbon credits. Our collaboration with EcoEngineers on carbon planning allows us to offer tailored solutions, whether it’s sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), various grades of gasoline, or specialized C2-C4s. Our process is designed to accommodate specific client needs, epitomizing the circular economy in action.

Environmental and Market Impact

These sustainable plastics provide an answer to waste and emissions challenges, giving our clients the opportunity to showcase their commitment to the environment while utilizing high-performance materials.

Renewable Fuels

Renewable Fuels

At the core of our renewable fuels are sustainable offtake products derived from non-biogenic waste such as fossil-based plastics and waste tires. We convert these abundant wastes into valuable chemicals and distillates, effectively replacing their fossil fuel-based counterparts.

Efficiency Meets Environment

Our comprehensive gasification process addresses nearly all solid waste landfill content, providing a solution that not only creates non-fossil based products but also significantly reduces landfill mass. With Upcycled, every piece of feedstock is transformed into a higher-value product, embodying the pinnacle of Landfill Avoidance.

Lead the Way with Upcycled Solutions

Join us as we pave the path towards a greener industrial future. Your collaboration with Upcycled is more than a transaction—it’s an active participation in an eco-revolution. Our technologies are gateways to sustainability, making every product you choose a testament to environmental integrity.