Our Company

Innovating Sustainability

At Upcycled, we stand at the forefront of a pivotal shift in industrial materials processing, pioneering an era of sustainable innovation. Our company history is steeped in a commitment to environmental stewardship and technological advancement, dating back to the landmark commercialization license of the Dr. Mark White patents, Know How, and associated technology on July 7, 2011. This milestone, as detailed in our press release, was not the inception of our vision but rather a pivotal moment in a journey ignited by the synergy between Michael Harrelson's industry insight and Dr. White's scientific expertise.

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Real Science. Real Solutions.

Our narrative is shaped by the recognition of a stark reality: 60-70 percent of landfill mass, predominantly organic waste on a wet basis, is responsible for emitting copious amounts of carbon dioxide and methane, making it the third worst polluter of our planet’s delicate atmosphere. Harnessing Mr. Harrelson's generational experience in the waste industry, our company was conceived from the resolve to confront this ecological challenge head-on. We looked at the waste, which traditionally contributed to pollution, and saw untapped potential—a valuable feedstock for creating alternatives to fossil fuel-derived products.

The path to commercialization was rigorous and meticulous, spanning over 15 years. We delved deep into site selection, technology licensing, and exhaustive lab work to transition from concept to a fully operational commercial plant. Our journey through the Front-End Loading (FEL) design stages, permitting processes, and securing of feedstock and offtake agreements was both challenging and invigorating, leading to the successful financing of our solutions.

Core Values and Vision

Upcycled's values are rooted in sustainability, innovation, and community partnership. Our vision is to redefine industry norms by transforming waste into worth, pollution into products, and liabilities into economic opportunities. We aim to lead by example, showing that industrial processes can not only coexist with environmental imperatives but can actively enhance ecological well-being.

Impact and Differentiators

Our impact resonates across two fundamental levels: environmental conservation and industrial transformation. We are not merely an industrial entity; we are agents of change.

By utilizing landfill waste as a primary feedstock, we tackle the environmental challenge at its source. Our cutting-edge technology diverts significant quantities of waste from landfills, thereby reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and mitigating the impact of the third largest environmental pollutant.

We transcend traditional recycling by converting landfill-bound waste into high-quality, sustainable materials that replace fossil fuel-based products. Our proprietary processes ensure that the quality of the end products meets the performance of their conventional counterparts.

Our business model serves as a beacon for the circular economy, proving that economic prosperity and environmental health are not mutually exclusive. We offer a scalable solution that can be replicated, promoting a shift towards more sustainable industrial practices globally.

Upcycled is more than just a company.
We are a revolution in the materials industry.

By investing in our processes and products, industrial consumers are not merely purchasing materials; they are contributing to a legacy of ecological responsibility and innovation. Join us in shaping a sustainable future—one where industrial progress and the health of our planet stride forward, hand in hand.